Med-Tex Services Introduces: Safety Sense Management System® – Confined Space Management Software

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SS logoMed-Tex Services, Inc. is going high-tech for confined space management. Med-Tex has partnered with the Safety Sense Management System® to roll out this state of the art Confined Space Management Software application.

Introducing Safety Sense™
The Safety Sense Management System™ is a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based application that allows for the client and their contractors to have access to work permit data without compromising data integrity. Let the Safety Sense Management System™ work for you in handling the job of training records management, data repository for: Lockout/Tagout, SDS, Rescue Pre-plans, Permit Issuance / Archiving and much, much more.

Using the Safety Sense Management System™ is easy. From a drop down list, simply select a confined space by the unique Space
ID. Once the Space ID has been selected, the system retrieves all of the information related to the selected space such as: Lockout / Tagout procedures, associated Safety Data Sheets, Rescue  Pre-plans, etc. You can easily review the information on screen, print, and automatically produce the Confined Space Entry Permit.

Safety_Sense_Med-TexAccess your data from:
• Desktop Computers
• Laptop Computers
• Smartphones
• Tablet Computers

As an authorized representative of Safety Sense Management System™, Med-Tex Services, Inc. is committed to being a value-added partner to our customers by developing, promoting, and maintaining a safe workplace through the delivery of effective training programs, providing reliable safety equipment, and furnishing highly-skilled environmental, health, safety, and rescue professionals.

Med-Tex is offering a “FREE” Beta Trial, Pride of Authorship program to a select number of clients. To learn more about Safety Sense and the Free Trial, Contact: Dennis F. Dougherty / (215) 676-3536 or Email: [email protected]