Med-Tex has proven experience supporting almost every industry including, but not limited to:

Med-Tex has provided support to numerous terminal storage facilities. Typical services are: Confined space and rescue solutions, fall protection consultation, dock repair with water rescue coverage and on-site training safety training for employees ranging from Job Safety Analysis and Ergonomics to OSHA 10 and 30 Hour General Industry Training.

Site safety support, confined space/high angle rescue support, confined space assessments and rescue preplans are all typical functions of our staff in the power generation market. Facilities and contractors also take advantage of our ability to perform on-site medical clearance and fit testing for respirators, substance abuse screening and emergency medical coverage.



From the throat deck for the boiler, stack work, swing stage projects, dock repair and outages to the facilities with limited access areas, Med-Tex is comfortable negotiating those challenges and identifying practical rescue solutions for our clients.



Work in draft tubes, scroll cages and coffer dams all require special planning due to the frequent extreme elevations and unique configurations associated with these plants. Med-Tex has had years of experience working in these environments and is comfortable supporting safety and rescue duties in these fascinating facilities.

Med-Tex is proud to have been a safety and rescue support contractor for the 2012 Coffer Dam project at the Exelon Conowingo Dam providing continuous coverage.
Med Tex was chosen to be the safety oversight for the entire Hydro re-licensing project at Muddy Run and Conowingo Dam, June 2010 thru Feb 2013.


Various duties include but not limited to support for the Maintenance, Safety and Operations departments, not only responding to Confined Space incidents but assisting the first responders on medical calls.

We were also involved in the first ever Torus Relining Project that was held at the Exelon Peach Bottom Power Plant in 2012 and then again in 2013.



Maintenance to the HRSG, cooling towers or other areas these plants can have unique access and workstation challenges. We support numerous companies and their facilities with attendant (hole-watch) duties, rescue and safety coverage.

Power Transmission

Frequent support for construction and maintenance of transformer yards includes assisting various electrical contractors and transformer manufacturers while performing inspections or repairs inside a transformer.

The continuously changing job sites specifically in commercial construction and heavy highway require special attention and planning. Frequent offerings asked of Med-Tex to support the construction industry include safety personnel staffing and site inspections, various safety trainings (including the OSHA 10 and 30) and fall protection support encompassing consultation, installations and equipment. Emergency planning and related coordination for activities at heights, in confined or enclosed spaces and working over/near water are also common challenges that Med-Tex offers assistance.

Pharma Biotech Small
The life sciences industries are highly advanced, competitive, and regulated, and therefore the management and implementation of effective occupational safety and health is critical.  Med-Tex Services has experience and expertise in providing health and safety services within cGMP and related facilities. Our staff understands the potential impact of change and deviations on FDA compliance. Med-Tex works closely with your in-house expertise to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions for safety compliance to protect the employees, facility and the community. Ranging from lab and process safety, fall protection to biosafety, and confined space to chemical management, Med-Tex has expertise to help manage occupational health and safety risks in the Life Sciences industry.

Powered industrial trucks, ergonomics, lockout/tagout, confined space, walking working surface (fall protection) and warehousing are just a few areas that Med-Tex frequently offers support for our manufacturing clients. Safety committee support, safety training sessions for various shifts and substance abuse assistance are available to our clients as a resource. Med-Tex Services can offer an evaluation of existing safety cultures and help offer a road map for your safety program to reach the desired goals.

A significant amount of our work is in the industrial market. Med-Tex has been involved in the construction of new units for updated technologies, outages and turnarounds for scheduled maintenance in numerous facilities and geographical locations in the past few decades. Our staff is prepared to offer the twenty-four, seven day a week coverage that these specific industries require. Confined space/high angle rescue support, safety personnel staffing, and “fire watch” or “hole watch” (Confined Space Attendant) duties are typical duties assigned to our technicians. Med-Tex has a fleet of rental equipment including respiratory supplied air systems, atmospheric monitors, confined space ventilators/blowers and tripods with rescue winches available for rent to support outage operations. Facilities and contractors also take advantage of our ability to perform on-site medical clearance and fit testing for respirators, substance abuse screening and emergency medical coverage.

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) implications, Life Safety Codes and Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for patient care are all special concerns beyond those of many other industries. Med-Tex Services has worked in these environments supporting related activities to keep our clients and their facilities in compliance. Lockout/Tagout, custodial safety evaluations, fall protection and hazardous communication are a few of the topics we typically address. Med-Tex Services can assist with Patient Decontamination trainings and exercises to better prepare facilities, specifically the emergency department, for the unexpected. A majority of construction work is renovation of existing healthcare facilities with a strong contractor presence, Med-Tex Services can provide construction safety to your employees of offer temporary safety support to help oversee the safety on construction projects.

Our broad range of occupational safety, health and rescue support services are constantly being utilized by agencies such as water departments, airports, gas and power utilities, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Federal Reserve and more. Med-Tex has provided a variety of resources to these government agencies and departments from site safety and rescue personnel, employee safety training and project consultation.

Med-Tex Services has successfully supported insurance brokers and their clients by filling in the gaps of necessary services to the respective industries. Hazard Assessments, various specific safety training and specialized consultation for areas such as respiratory, confined space and fall protection are just a few of the support services we are routinely relied on to provide.

Med-Tex has the ability to support confined space activities, respiratory protection assistance including medical clearance and fit testing, safety training such as: Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness, OSHA 10 and 30 hour courses and fall protection. Med-Tex Services has a properly maintained rental fleet of atmospheric monitors and supplied air equipment.

Hazwoper 40 Hour Langhorn
Med-Tex can provide confined space rescue, attendant and safety personnel to locations to support clean up activities. On site safety training, respirator medical clearance and fit testing as well as related Personal Protective Equipment can be made available at the desired location.

Customers include rail operators, transit service providers and contractors that support these entities. Our clients have relied on Med-Tex Services not only for field support to assist with projects such as track and station repair but also in their maintenance shops that care for the passenger cars and locomotives. Confined space duties including rescue, hazardous communication, respiratory protection and other safety training are typical resources requested in this market.

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