Facilities ranging from Power Generation Plants, Healthcare, Universities, Terminals, Breweries, Pharmaceutical and other manufacturing plants all contain unique work spaces and environments. Med-Tex Services can provide the initial Fall Protection Assessments of your facility and then design, install, and even provide the fall protection equipment to satisfy your needs. Additionally, we can inspect and certify/re-certify your systems and equipment. We can customize employee training to help you maintain compliance and to reduce fall protection exposures.

Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Systems

Med-Tex Services Fall ProtectionFalls, from either heights or the same level, are high up on the list when it comes to causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Systems provide support and safety for employees, as they are permanently attached to a structure, building, or equipment. Med-Tex Services will install your fixed ladder system and provide your workers with the necessary training to maintain their safety.

Guardrail Systems

Guardrail SystemsWhile working on an elevated walking-working surface, there is always a risk of injury. Guard Rail Systems act as a barrier along an unprotected or exposed side, edge, or other area of a walking-working surface to prevent workers from falling to a lower level. Med-Tex Services will install your guardrail system to meet industry requirements and maintain your workers’ safety.

Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal LifelinesHorizontal lifelines require special attention during installation in order to provide proper support for workers. Horizontal lifelines limit the distance the worker can fall and minimize the forces on the connectors at the anchorage. The experts at Med-Tex Services specialize in the installation of horizontal lifelines and employee training to help maintain compliance and reduce fall protection exposures.

Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection EquipmentHaving reliable fall protection equipment is crucial when it comes to maintaining the safety of your workers. Med-Tex Services offers the highest quality fall protection equipment from guardrail systems to harnesses. Not only can we design and install your fall protection equipment, but we will then provide thorough training to ensure your workers’ safety.

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