Med-Tex’s health services includes: Substance Abuse Screening (pre-employment, post-incident, reasonable suspicion, etc.), Blood Serum Analysis (such as: Cadmium, Lead and Benzene), Respiratory Compliance through Medical Clearance and Fit Testing, Tuberculin Testing, Physical Exams and Chest X-Rays for Silica Exposure Screening. We also assist with DOT randomizing and collection for outside verification groups (example: DISA) as well as Third Party Administrator “TPA” functions.

Our services can be delivered at our locations or on-site though our mobile testing units.


Respirator medical clearance, (qualitative or quantitative) fit testing, program development and training are all key components of the 29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Standard. Med-Tex can support these activates for our clients at our location or on-site at your facility or project. Med-Tex Services can also provide the respirators, cartridges and related equipment for sale. In addition, supplied air systems are available for purchase or rent.


Substance Abuse ScreeningThe frequency of programs for substance abuse screening is continuously growing. Med-Tex Services can offer collection services at our locations, your company’s facility/job site or at several labs that Med-Tex Services is affiliated with. Med-Tex Services can also offer program development, training, Third-Party Administrator “TPA” functions and support related to these policies. Med-Tex Services is a DISA-authorized collector.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, to assist with post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing, 7 days a week.


Med-Tex Services can assist with job requirements for blood lead levels, Benzene or other related screenings. These collections can be performed at your location or one of ours. Med-Tex Services can also offer program development and training for the related programs.


Meeting appropriate response times for employees on job sites can be challenging especially for those in workplaces where serious accidents such as those involving falls, suffocation, electrocution, or amputation are possible. To help meet the intent of medical care being in reasonable proximity to employees, Med-Tex Services can staff an on-site medical/first aid station to help provide immediate care to employees and attempt to minimize the severity of an injury. Med-Tex Services can also assist with medical clearance and fit testing for respirators or substance abuse screening in these projects if desired. For your own employees, Med-Tex Services can offer First Aid/CPR and AED training at our location or yours.

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