Med-Tex Services, Inc. Confined Space In Construction Fall Outreach Training Update

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Over the past 2 months, Med-Tex Services, Inc. has provided the 29 CFR 1926.1200 – Confined Space in Construction update to numerous organizations in our network. In addition to the outreach training sessions, Med-Tex has attended several trade shows, quarterly meetings and events where we provided these critical updates to employees, safety professionals and owners. For more information about or products and services, please contact us at: (215) 676-3536 for more information.

Fall 2015, the Med-Tex Outreach month:

Confined Space for Construction Updates were given in many different venues for several audiences, including, but not limited to the:

• Contractor’s Association of Eastern Pennsylvania “CAEP”
• PECO Contractor’s Safety Meeting
• Pennsylvania Governor’s Safety Conference
• Delaware Contractors Association “DCA”
• Healthcare Facility Managers Association of the Delaware Valley “HFMADV”
• General Building Contractors Association “GBCA”
• Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council “MACSC”
• Penn Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers “ASSE”
• Johnson Kendall Johnson University Severity Risk Seminar

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