Med-Tex Services’ Hoyt Emmons to Present at the Northeast Regional Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition

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HOYTAll work presents physical challenges that have the potential to injure workers, how- ever the risk of injury can be greatly reduced by utilizing prudent ergonomic practices which improve body functionality. Whether we are employed in offices or doing intense physical labor, our bodies are challenged to perform work in an ever-changing balance of physical demands and workplace variables. So how can we achieve Personal Ergonomic Success? By understanding and applying proven ergonomics practices to our work and lifestyle so we can maximize our body’s functioning
potential. This workshop will review practical applications and techniques that can be used to improve our body’s ability to work and function safely.

Topics will include methods and benefits of: pre-work warm-ups; stretching; conditioning; task/micro breaks; assessing ergonomic risk factors; and ergonomic survival tech- niques and tools for workplaces ranging from the office to the construction trades. Personal Ergonomic Success is achieved when we are able to maximize the functionality of our body to work safely. Learn what it takes to help achieve ergonomic success both professionally and personally.

About Hoyt:

Hoyt Emmons is an EHS consultant with over 25 year of experience developing and implementing EHS programs which improve workplace safety and regulatory compliance. Hoyt consults for Med-Tex Services, Industrial Risk Control, Colden Corporation and is a certified OSHA Training Institute (OTI) instructor. In addition to occupational safety, Hoyt is an experienced fitness professional who has trained thousands of people in exercise classes and through personal training certification courses over the past 20 years. Hoyt is known for developing pragmatic EHS solution options that fit the needs of both the organization and the employees. Hoyt’s education includes a BS in Animal Husbandry, a MBA in Management, and a MS in Environmental Health.

Event Brochure: 2015 NEIHC Brochure

Date: Friday, December 4th, 2015

Location: Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village

201 Village Boulevard Princeton, NJ

Presented by the Philadelphia Section AIHA and Co-Sponsored by the New Jersey and Metro New York Sections AIHA