Med-Tex Services Expands to New England


On the road in Maine

Effective July 1, 2015, Med-Tex Services (MTS) is proudly supporting our New England clients via our satellite operations office in Exeter, New Hampshire. Understanding the need to provide “Boots on the Ground” support, MTS has launched our New England Operations Office. Met-Tex Services would also like to welcome Greg Buckley, New England Operations, to our ranks. Greg comes to MTS with more than 30 years experience in safety, health and rescue support services. For more information about our MTS / New England Operations please contact Greg at: or, call Greg direct at: (603) 410-7318


Site tour / Sappi, Skowhegan


Supporting Higher Education Facilities Safety Initiatives


Sappi Paper / Milling Operations


Sappi Hazmat Personnel Training Exercise


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