John Curcio from Med-Tex Services, Inc. was nominated “Best of the Best”

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John Curcio

John Curcio – Med-Tex Services, Inc.

John Curcio from Med-Tex Services, Inc. was nominated through the Subcontractors Association of the Delaware Valley “SADV” as a safety professional who is the “Best of the Best” in the construction community. He has twenty-four years of practical experience. In addition to many current construction safety credentials such as the Construction Safety and Health Technician “CHST”, his background as a retired paramedic on the Philadelphia Fire Department and a site safety representative has lead him to his current role for managing the Med-Tex Services’ Safety, Health and Rescue training division. John has overseen the training of approximately 5000 construction-related employees spread over about 300 companies for 2015 alone! It is John’s dedication to safety outreach coupled with one of the most undeniably positive attitudes in our profession that make John stand out. John has always been both knowledgeable and willing to assist others.SADVlogo