COVID-19 Awareness Training for the Building Trades and Construction Industry

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This training will provide the student with an awareness of some changes that are taking place in the Construction workplace as a result of the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, as well as discussing the symptoms and how it is spread. Additionally, we will discuss the risk of exposure and some ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on construction sites.

This training is designed to provide guidance for employers and employees in complying with the requirements in many jurisdictions for appointment of a Pandemic Safety Person/Officer (PSO) and may help employees meet the training requirements for the position. Employers are directed to contact your State or local regulatory agencies for additional information regarding these requirements in your area.

Following this training you will be required to complete a Knowledge Assessment which will assess your understanding of the material presented here. Upon successful completion of the Assessment you will have access to a link which will allow you to download and print a Certificate of Completion.