When seconds can be the difference between life, death and property loss, first responders and facilities personnel need critical information quickly and effectively to allow them to make the best strategic and tactical decisions necessary in order to save lives and reduce risk to themselves. Pre-planning your building(s) is essential in providing the data they need.

Our secure cloud-based solution, Blazemark, is an “All Hazard Pre-Incident Planning” program. It is very intuitive and extremely user friendly, making your building, property and infrastructure details available to responders. Blazemark is a technical tool for non-technical users. Its NFPA 1620, NIMS and FEMA compliant as well as fast and easy so responders have instantaneous access to important details. A useful service that our customers appreciate is the integration of this information into tabletop training exercises with stakeholders before an incident occurs so everyone can be on the same page.

Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, health systems, campus and school district settings as well as local municipal agencies. Using preplans has saved our clients and their communities a lot of money by helping to lower insurance premiums and ISO ratings.

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